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Mama Deli: a healthy start for every child

Raaskal and Mama Deli strive together to provide high-quality, honest and truly fresh baby food, where Mama Deli's mission is to provide every child with a healthy start. This mission is supported by Raaskal's expertise and dedication. A successful partnership that helps families make healthy choices for their little ones.

Solar panels at Raaskal: the bright step toward sustainability

Raaskal installed nearly 500 solar panels on the roofs of Industriestraat 42 and 57. But why? And what are the benefits to Raaskal?

Discover the Westlandse Kliekjes Keuken!

The Westlandse Kliekjes Keuken, an initiative of Raaskal, offers a range of products that otherwise would be wasted. This stall grew out of Raaskal's produce operations and features an assortment of delectable products, all for just €2, €4 or €5 each.

Fighting food waste with No Waste Army

In the ongoing fight against food waste, No Waste Army and Raaskal have teamed up on a mission: Save the Sweet Potatoes of the Polderjongens. Driven by a shared passion to fight waste and change the world, they work side by side to make a positive impact.

Food safety and quality: from hairnets to high standards

Raaskal has been committed to the highest level of food safety and quality since 2018, aiming to provide our customers with the best quality products. Our certifications and labels are at the core of our commitment to food safety and quality.