We can guarantee the food safety of our products worldwide

Raaskal has been FSSC - ISO 22000 certified since 2018 and can therefore guarantee the food safety of its products worldwide. This chain assurance certification secures all risks of our internal processes and ensures a traceability and registration of the highest level. Raaskal also uses the AFAS ERP system within its organization for optimal support of our processes. We communicate via EDI for thorough order communication and have active links to retailers and transporters.

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Several quality marks and additional certifications.

In order to offer our customers an even more complete package, we have several quality marks and additional certifications. Our MSC label enables us to supply sustainable fish products and contributes to sustainable fishing. Within our production facility there is a separate stream for organic production, for which we are SKAL certified. In cooperation with the NVWA we are equipped for various processes within the processing and packaging of animal products for which we have an EG number. Finally, we contribute to animal welfare by processing selected meat products and carrying the Beter Leven (Better Life) label.


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