The right solution for you in terms of packaging, ingredients or other elements

Our R&D team will be happy to find the right solution for you in terms of packaging, ingredients or other elements. For example, purchasing a raw material as close to the source as possible to improve the footprint of your product. Finding the right replacement for an allergen to make your product even more versatile. Or making a recipe or pathogen guarantee possible through the use of external specialist knowledge. Raaskal's network offers many possibilities.


Extensive international network of suppliers

By using our extensive international network of suppliers, partners and specialists, Raaskal is of great value in finding that element which makes your product complete and unique. The numerous innovative food solutions that we have been part of in recent years have given us a rich network and extensive knowledge.


About Raaskal

A young, innovative and driven company with a contemporary view on food. The tailor-made partner for private or white label productions and product development. Fully certified and widely developed. From high rotating volume productions on a large scale to small batches or occasional productions for startups. Brash, different and innovative but with a clear vision. Competitive but with the motto, quality always wins!

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