Fighting food waste with No Waste Army

Foto zoete aardappel

In the ongoing fight against food waste, No Waste Army and Raaskal have teamed up on a mission: Save the Sweet Potatoes of the Polderjongens. Driven by a shared passion to fight waste and change the world, they work side by side to make a positive impact.

From leftover to tasty creation

Despite its flavorful inner appearance, the Polderjongens' sweet potatoes do not meet the strict cosmetic requirements for vegetables in the Netherlands. As a result, the Polderjongens have a surplus of as 50,000 kg of sweet potatoes. After the sweet potatoes are collected from the Polderjongens, they are carefully transported to Raaskal's production facility. Upon arrival, the sweet potatoes are received with enthusiasm by the team of Raaskal. We are determined to transform these precious ingredients into delicious creations that will not only delight the taste buds, but also have a positive impact on reducing food waste. At Raaskal, it's all about the inside, not the outside. With the current membership of No Waste Army, 6,000 kg of sweet potato have been saved with a fair price for the Polderjongens.

What does Raaskal do for No Waste Army?

Raaskal is standing by to turn sweet potatoes into a tasty sauce for the No Waste Army's March box.

Raaskal takes care of:

  • Selecting the right packaging
  • Developing the recipe
  • Producing the sweet potato sauce
  • Filling and packaging in consumer packaging
  • Sterilizing the packaging into a sustainable final product

Overall, a successful mission, where even Hart van Nederland took a look! Do you want to join the fight against food waste? Check out the website of No Waste Army and sign up right now!

Thibaud van der Steen: ''Thanks to Raaskal's commitment, flexibility and flavorful knowledge, our imperfect sweet potatoes were transformed into a delicious sauce. One team, one duty!''