Food safety and quality: from hairnets to high standards

Voedselveiligheid en kwaliteit 2

Raaskal has been committed to the highest level of food safety and quality since 2018, aiming to provide our customers with the best quality products. Our certifications and labels are at the core of our commitment to food safety and quality.

Food-safe working

At Raaskal, food safety and hygiene are at the core of all our operations. We strive to proactively prevent all food safety hazards, including allergens, microbiological-, physical- and chemical hazards. Our employees are trained in food safety practices and are aware of the strict guidelines we follow. Training is repeated annually for all employees. Food-safe working includes, for example, wearing face protection and special food-safe clothing during the production process. Structurally, our production areas and machinery are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected according to strict protocols to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

Labels and additional certifications

As a proof of our commitment to food safety, one of the things we are proud of is our FSSC - ISO 22000 certification. This globally recognized quality mark ensures the safety of our products by controlling all risks in our internal processes. This allows our customers to enjoy our products with trust, knowing that they comply with high standards of food safety. In addition to the FSSC - ISO 22000 certification, we strive to offer our customers an even wider range of products through various labels and additional certifications. Within our production location there is a separate flow for organic production, for which we are SKAL certified. In collaboration with the NVWA, we are equipped for various processes within the processing and packaging of animal products and we have EG-certification for this. Finally, Raaskal holds the 'Beter Leven' quality label.

Challenges and solutions

Of course Raaskal faces challenges, but we are determined to always find a suitable solution to them. One of the challenges we faced was complaints about inconsistent thicknesses of soups, caused by natural variations in ingredients such as vegetables due to varying naturally occurring moisture content. To address this, we invested in a viscosity measurement device that can measure the thickness of liquids, allowing us to ensure consistent quality in our production process. In this way, our products remain pure nature and free of unwanted ingredients, but we can still meet the standards the market expects from us.

Through our commitment to strict certifications, advanced systems and close cooperation with regulatory authorities, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products, every time, in an environment that meets the highest hygiene standards. All this, of course, without losing sight of the fact that, above all, our products remain tasty, delicious, pure and healthy.

Jeroen Slijp: “At Raaskal, we want everyone to enjoy our products in a safe way."