Mama Deli: a healthy start for every child

Afbeelding 1 Mama Deli

Raaskal and Mama Deli strive together to provide high-quality, honest and truly fresh baby food, where Mama Deli's mission is to provide every child with a healthy start. This mission is supported by Raaskal's expertise and dedication. A successful partnership that helps families make healthy choices for their little ones.

Pure ingredients

Mama Deli is a baby and child nutrition brand that focuses on providing affordable, fair and fresh baby food to give every child a healthy start. Mama Deli products are carefully formulated with pure ingredients, focusing on maximising nutrients and using as many fruits and vegetables as possible. The food is optimally tailored by specialists to the needs of the target group: babies and young children.

Recipes and quality standards

Raaskal, as a partner of Mama Deli, plays a crucial role in the baby food production process. Every day, Raaskal produces the highest quality fresh baby food for Mama Deli's wide range of products. When developing the recipes for Mama Deli, Raaskal's research and development team worked hard to develop the perfectly balanced and highest-quality products for this vulnerable target group. In this process, they have been supported by specialists such as children's dieticians and nutritional scientists. Besides, all ingredients have been selected exclusively for Mama Deli and a completely separate and certified production and packaging process has been set up.

Network and expertise

Apart from developing recipes, Raaskal is also responsible for finding the right packaging solutions and that is a clever piece of customisation between Raaskal and its partners. Thanks to Raaskal's network and expertise, Mama Deli's baby food is packaged in a safe and efficient way, ensuring product quality and food safety as the priority. At Raaskal, all products are prepared and packaged under the strictest food safety regulations. Raaskal is certified to produce frozen baby food, so we can always guarantee the best and safest product.

Investing in customer success

Mama Deli has become one of the fastest-growing food brands in recent years. Raaskal has contributed to this by completing the construction of its second location in 2021. This location is primarily focused on the production of frozen baby food for Mama Deli, underlining once again Raaskal's full commitment to supporting the success of its customers.

Raaskal ensures that Mama Deli baby food contains nothing but what you see on the packaging: pure ingredients with no additives!